What’s Black About It?

What’s Black About It?
by Pepper Miller and Herb Kemp

What's Black About It?

What’s Black About It?


African Americans have more influence on today’s culture and taste than any other ethnic group in the world. What is Black About It? is a new book with a fresh perspective on changing the views of corporate America and how they market to the African-American consumer. This book presents historical, psychological, and cultural influences that delve far deeper into the Black experience than other ethnic marketing books which may only include a general chapter or two on Black consumers. What’s Black About It? proposes “staying in the black” and reveals the cultural buttons that fuel effective marketing to African-Americans.

Pepper Miller and Herb Kemp are expert marketers based in Chicago and have culminated over 30,000 quantitative and qualitative interviews with African Americans – including marketing executives, scholars and community influencers. Since the recent launch of “What’s Black About It?” the authors have been interviewed on numerous radio programs and are in constant demand to present at national market meetings and at Fortune 500 companies as well. This book explores with Miller and Kemp the ever evolving cultural complexities of African-American consumers today.

Chapter List:

Chapter One — The Business of Understanding the African-American Market
Chapter Two — A Business Case for Marketing to African Americans
Chapter Three — Where African Americans Lead, the Whole Follows
Chapter Four — Illuminating the Black Experience
Chapter Five — Shades of Blackness
Chapter Six — “Yes, We Speak English, bu You Still Aren’t Talking to Us.”
Chapter Seven — “Media for the People”
Chapter Eight — Best Practices Required for Marketing to African-Americans
Chapter Nine — Conducting Research with Relevance and Insight
Chapter Ten — The Importance of Race in Marketing

What’s Black About It?
by Pepper Miller and Herb Kemp

ISBN: 0972529098
ISBN-13: 9780972529099
Publisher: Paramount Market Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: 2006
Format: Hardcover, 123 pages

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Wake Up and Smell the Dollars!

Wake Up and Smell the Dollars!
Whose Inner City is This Anyway!
by Dorothy Pittman Hughes

Wake Up and Smell the Dollars!


One women’s struggle against sexism, classism, racism, gentrification, and the Empowerment Zone

This internationally-acclaimed book has shown thousands of African-American women and men, small business owners and entrepreneurs how to raise money, sell shares, buy stock and get their foot in the door of the billion dollar investment market.

  • The voice of one woman who is destined to economically empower the inner city resident of America
  • This book reveals the national plan for Gentrification, the Conspiracy against African-Americans, the real purpose of the Empowerment Zones and the loss of the Inner Cities that were once ours.
  • The book that everyone who has been displace by gentrification should read. The book that everyone who desires economic freedom should read.
  • You will learn Dorothy Pittman Hughes’ Lifelong secrets to success and prosperity, and how to build and maintain a thriving business despite the malice of racism, sexism, and classism.
  • You will learn from “A” to “Z” how to fight the system and obtain financing from organizations in the empowerment zones across the United States.
  • The book that shows you how to write business proposals, business letters, publicity releases, detailed business reports, and who to sent them to.

Wake Up and Smell the Dollars!
Whose Inner City is This Anyway!
by Dorothy Pittman Hughes

ISBN: 0965506479
Publisher: Amber Books
Publication Date: 2000
Format: Paperback, 216 pages

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