Book Spotlight: Sassy by Gloria Mallette

Nationally acclaimed author Gloria Mallette, winner of the USA Book News Best Book 2007 Award and the 2008 Indie Excellence Award for Living, Breathing Lies, is back with an exciting thriller:


The murder of two women in New York City has Detective Frank Keifer looking for a vicious killer while Sassy Davenport, a popular romance novelist, has finally met the man of her dreams.

When architect Norris Yoshito, on a whim, steps off the street into one of Sassy’s book signings, he is instantly smitten and Sassy is curiously intrigued. A passionate relationship develops, but when key people associated with Norris are brutally murdered, Sassy is thrust into a world of uncertainty and doubt. Norris appears to have two personalities: One is that of a violent man, the other a man of great compassion who helps Sassy with her cousin who is dying of AIDS.

Fear and edge-of-the-seat suspense plunges Sassy into a nightmare of deception and danger where romance cease to exist and the real world of murder is the force to be reckoned with.

Sassy Excerpt from Chapter 1 
Thursday, 3:38 p.m.

 LOUD! The music was loud! The bass was thunderous! The catchy, finger popping beat was heart pounding! The singing was exhilarating, the words catchy, but there was no party. There was no dancing. There was no one to enjoy the music that penetrated the blood-splattered walls inside Myra Barrett’s statically still apartment and seeped through plaster and concrete walls out into the adjourning apartments and into the long, pastry tan colored hallways of Ellington Tower Apartments. Myra couldn’t understand why no one had come pounding at her door yelling for her to turn down the music. Her floor, the thirteenth floor, was one of the quietest floors in the whole twenty-two story building, and it was rare for anyone to blast their music so loudly. Maybe that was because most of the tenants of the ten apartments on her floor were over fifty years old. That is except for Myra herself and Alice Reynolds down the hall. Myra was only thirty-three years old. She wasn’t ready to die.

 “God,”  Myra said feebly, the taste of her own blood on her tongue, “help me.”

Someone had to hear the music. Someone had to be annoyed. The music was deafening. With the right side of her face smashed into floor, Myra’s head was pounding from the roaring bass which was making the floor under her pain-racked, blood soaked body vibrate. The walls had to be vibrating, too. They usually did when the music was especially loud. By now Mrs. Harris next door should have been banging on the door and hollering for Myra to turn down her music. Did Mrs. Harris have a doctor’s appointment today? Where in the world was she? God, please let her come. Oh, God, please. Myra started to gag. The taste of her own blood seeping into her mouth from her throat reminded Myra that her weak hold on a life she desperately wanted to continue living was slipping away.

Oh, God! Footfalls. He’s coming back! Oh, God. Myra tried to stop breathing in what little air she was getting. She tried to close her eyes. She couldn’t. Her eyes were frozen open and when Norris stepped in front of her, she couldn’t even shift her gaze to look at his foot. Norris stood over her and Myra could only guess that he was most likely looking down upon her with that same evil mask of disdain over his handsome face that he’d had on when he first started stabbing her. She had no idea Norris hated her so.


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Book Reviews for Sassy:
ISBN-10: 0967878934  |  ISBN-13: 9780967878935

“This is a definite must read. The twists and turns are so quick you don’t see them coming at you.” — S. Stiles, Musings of a Book Addict

“Sassy is a great whodunit! Gloria Mallette. . .just may have a winner in the suspense/thriller genre for Sassy! Check it out ’cause it’s a great read!
—-G.A. Bixler, Book Reader’s Heaven.

“The threat of constant danger and gripping suspense kept me on the edge of my seat.”  — Sharon Lewis, RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

“Gloria Mallette has succeeded in writing a book so captivating this reader didn’t want to put it down.”  — Denise’s Book Blog

Author Gloria Mallette Biography:
A self-taught writer, Gloria Mallette began her acclaimed literary journey by self-publishing her second novel Shades of Jade in April of 2000. By July, and 13,000 sold copies later, Gloria signed on with Random House who re-released Shades of Jade in 2001. Shades of Jade made several best sellers lists, including Black Board, Essence Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, and The Washington Post/Washington is Also Reading listing.

Along with numerous reviews in national magazines and newspapers, Gloria has been featured in The New York Daily News, USAToday, Today’s Black Woman, Upscale Magazine, and The Pocono Record. Gloria also has a featured novella, Come Tomorrow, on the USAToday website. Since 2001, thousands of radio listeners have enjoyed hearing Gloria speak nationally and internationally about her body of work and her literary journey, and as well, Gloria has spoken before national conventions and audiences attending renowned book events.

To her credit, Gloria now has ten published titles: If There Be Pain, What’s Done in the Dark, Distant Lover, The Honey Well, Promises to Keep, Weeping Willows Dance, Shades of Jade, and When We Practice to Deceive. With her third title, Weeping Willows Dance and the release of her ninth title, Living, Breathing Lies, on June 15, 2007. Her tenth title, SASSY, will be released June 2008.

Gloria returned to her highly successful self-publishing roots and now has a storehouse of publishing knowledge from both sides of the literary fence.

Gloria and her family recently moved from Brooklyn, New York to the mountains of the Pennsylvania Poconos.

Speaker’s Availability:
Location: Bartonsville, Pennsylvania

Available as a speaker on the publishing industry. Will hold workshops on self-publishing.

Schedule Gloria for your next event:

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